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A perfect collection of labels for you.

Textil print 032 company with its headquarters in Cacak produces textile labels, Emblems and decorative ribbons.

Zakard woven labels are produced on specific machines for weaving which offer the highest quality and precision.

60% of Zakard (woven) labels are imported in Serbia

Tekstil print

Zakard labels

Our woven labels are produced on zakard weaving looms with thread and fabric for labels, most often poliester.

Each single thread is woven with exceptional precision adapted to your design and is imported anywhere both in Serbia and Europe.

We recommend this type of label for design with 12 colors for optimal results.

Tekstil print

Which is our mission?

We have acomplished successful cooperation with a large number of companies from the line of the textile industry.

Our mission is to offer both home and foreign companies  the product  under the affordable conditions:

Short delivery deadline

Competitive price

Top quality


Jakob Müller AG

Labels are made on machines of prestigious Swiss manufacturer Jakob Müller AG.

Jakob Müller AG is the leading manufacturer in the field of machine production.

We offer high quality labels of different kinds and dimensions.

The place for your label

Where is your label fastened?

Seam on a neck, side seam, inside pocket, label on sleeve, where are you going to fasten the labels on your clothes?

You can embroider or stick woven label.

We are proud that we can offer top quality woven labels. Each one is made with care and precision for great results. When the design of your label is ready for use, it is important to think about the kind of folding which is necessary.

Our labels are avaiable in 3 ways:

Without overlapping, flat overlapping (end left/right lap, end up/down lap)

Our quality is being recognized by numerous of our customers:

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